The Middletown Arts Festival welcomes all types of artists and mediums to be displayed and sold at the festival. Fill out the form below and reserve your space now!

If you’d like to be a featured artist or vendor at this year’s Middletown Art’s Festival please fill out the form below!

You may submit your booth fee upon form submission, however if you’d like to send cash or check, please download the PDF application that will be posted shortly for your convenience. You may also contact us for questions or concerns.  Applications are due by August 3, 2018.

All work must be handmade and individually signed by the artists. Multiples of the same general design must be signed by the artist. Items manufactured or mass produced are not allowed. The Middletown Arts Festival Committee reserves the right to remove unsuitable works at the time of the Festival.

The Middletown Arts Festival committee has the right to reject any application at their desecration. All candidates will be treated equally and will not be evaluated based upon age, sex, religion or race.

Each artist is responsible for:
1. Setting up and dismantling display – following art show procedures
2. Maintaining and staffing their booth
3. All sales transactions
4. Payment of all sales taxes
5. Providing their own display racks. No electric outlets will be available.

Liability – Neither the Middletown Arts Festival Committee nor the City of Middletown will be responsible for the loss of, or damage to, any work displayed. Presentation of works shall imply agreement on the part of the artist to these conditions and by signing the application, the artist agrees to hold the Middletown Arts Festival and show sponsors harmless from any liability or loss whatsoever.

10 ft x 10 ft standard booth $75.00 (with pole tent; one, (1) 6 foot table, two (2) chairs
Your own 10 x 10 tent or booth…$50.00
Corner booth add an additional $50.00
Limited number of double booths at $200.00 with out tent and table, $75.00 with your tent and table

All applications are due by August 3, 2018!