Basic Do’s And Don’ts Of Tackling Earth Science Homework


Doing any type of science work is all about theory. Research is the fore-front to making your experience a success. This subject spells failure the moment you fall behind and do not care. There are basic dos and don’ts in in tackling earth science homework. Practice these guidelines and you will find coping with the experience a lot more simple.

  1. Study location- there is a lot of experimenting with different hypothesis. Doing these experiments takes concentration. Interruptions can lead to losing focus on your subject. Find a place that has little to no traffic. You should feel comfortable with this decision. There should not be any pictures, music, tv, or any other things that will pull your mind away for any amount of time.
  2. Prepare yourself for the course as soon as you know you are attending it. This means having all the materials you will need to do your experiments. Keep them near your study location. This will make your time doing the work less stressful.
  3. Be sure you have strong notes. You should be able to completely understand what you have written down. Your access to people you use for help. Tell them you are planning on studying and my need their input.
  4. Keep excellent notes on your findings. There is no such thing as bad information. There are only positive and negative findings. You can take your positive findings and set up a solid experiment. Preparing your presentation for the audience. Showing them the time and effort you put in. use the negative findings to start another new hypothesis.


  1. Study time- do not take for granted the time you use to complete your work. There is no one that can anticipate how your work will go. You are not dealing with facts for the most part. Your work must show your findings.
  2. Do not play the loner. Having other students to call on for assistance will be a must at certain times.
  3. Do not copy other student’s work. You may not get caught but you will not be able to clearly explain how you came to your findings.
  4. Do not think you can slide through the course. You should find a source to go to when answers are needed. Do not work in a disruptive or unorganized environment. Use all your focus on completing your work.

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