Top 5 Foolproof Strategies To Do Homework Over Breaks

Homework can cause a lot of trouble, especially if assigned for holidays. Doing home assignments over breaks requires good organizational skills and a lot of patience. You may have plenty of plans on what to do in your free time, and home tasks seem to not fit in. However, it’s much better to insert it into your daily schedule than to torture yourself by doing everything over the last night. Here are some tips on how to enjoy your break and deal with your home tasks at the same time.

Step #1: Planning

Think of the number of days left and divide your home assignment into several parts. Decide how much time you can dedicate to it every day. If you don’t want to be busy every day, select the days when you’re going to work hard, and days when you’re going to rest. This is what you might do to make sure you don’t forget about your plans:

  • Make a list in a text editor and store the file on the desktop of your laptop.
  • Print out your list, make several copies and put them on all tables around the house.
  • Make some stick notes around the house.
  • Set a reminder on your smartphone.

Step # 2: Sticking to the Plan

After you’ve made some plans, you might feel a temptation to break some of the rules you’ve made. This is absolutely unacceptable since it’s going to require more and more. If you give in to this temptation, most probably you‘ll find yourself two days from school with nothing done at all in the end. To avoid this, use these 5 foolproof strategies when doing your homework:

  1. If you want to skip homework today, think of how relieved you’ll feel after you finish everything on time. Think of the good marks and the knowledge you’ll have.
  2. Whenever you feel lazy, imagine what’s going to happen if you fail to do your home assignments. Think of the negative consequences of your today’s behavior. Imagine how stressed you’re going to feel when school starts.
  3. Whenever you succeed, reward yourself for patience. Eat something tasty or watch something interesting every time after finishing your assignments.
  4. Whatever you do, stay focused on one assignment at a time until you’re done with it. Don’t multitask and don’t try to combine learning stuff with doing some chores at home.
  5. However lazy you feel, don’t procrastinate. If you start procrastinating, stand up and do something else for 10 minutes (like cleaning up), then come back to your homework.

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