Why Homework Doesn’t Help in Learning & How It Could

It has to be stopped in schools! That’s the cry of so many students who get pissed at the sight of homework. It has become a debatable question that has not found the best answer to it. Teachers actually have a very good reason and the parents have their strong reasons to back-up the importance of homework. Majority of the teachers will say ‘homework helps to assess their student’s learning ability’. This notion might be a little wrong and will need more backings before it is agreed on.

Gone are those days when homework was used to develop students’ accountability, but now it is evident that most students don’t have an increase in academic performance curve even after a homework series. When I was in an elementary class, the best way to get me to do homework is when you have the answers for me. So tell me how the performance graded in my work equals my mental capacity. Of course, my brother helped me out, which means I can’t still find answers to such questions next time I am asked.

Some teachers have noticed that students’ 100% performance cannot be ascertained by giving them homework. Reading all night can be a solution to increasing a student’s performance. I said so because students have more time to read and assimilate what has been taught in the class other than racking their brains to find solutions to the problems they are given in the name of homework. The teacher knows if the student understands what was taught in class or finds it hard to comprehend things on time.

There is also a way out to increase and grade student’s performance in school. It is known as retrieval practices. Most teachers do not care about the kind of method or the type of questions given to their students as homework. The primary aim of homework is to rejuvenate the things learned in class in the students’ minds, but the opposite has been the case. The retrieval practice has been proven to be a better practice in remembering the things learned in class. It works like magic but best done when students have forgotten some of the things they learned. Unlike homework that requires solving difficult problems, retrieval practice aims to bring back memories of the things the student had learned before.

Knowledge is power, they say, but the way knowledge is gotten must be accurate and sequential. The classroom is the best room to amass much knowledge but must be gotten from the right teacher who knows exactly what to teach and how to teach it. The best way to boost a student’s performance is in the classroom with a proper explanation of the learned topics. Considering the students’ differences and economic buoyancy, the teachers must be ready to teach correctly and give appropriate work.

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